International Yoga Sports Federation




How to perform the posture:

  1. Sit with spine upright with the side of the body towards the judges and both legs fully extended forward, feet together.
  2. Grab the big toes from the top, with the middle and index fingers together, palms facing each other.
  3. Pull on the toes.  Feet together and flexed.  Legs straight, knees locked and heels in the air.
  4. With a flat back, stretch upper body forward from the lower spine.  Touch the elbows on the floor along side the calf muscles. Bring the body down, stomach on the thighs, chest on the knees, forehead reaching towards the toes.

What the judges will look for:

  1. Continuous stretching from the coccyx to the forehead. For full points, the forehead touches the big toe (not the thumb or hand/wrist).
  2. Legs straight and thigh muscles contracted – minimum gap between back of the knees and the floor.
  3. Feet together.
  4. Feet flexed.
  5. Spine straight.
  6. Stomach on the thighs, chest down.
  7. Elbows on the floor.
  8. Forehead in line with the toes, face down, eyes looking forward.